The process of Olive Oil extraction is a combination of care, caution & expertise which is required at every stage of Olive Oil extraction- from plucking the Olives from the trees & grinding them to storing them.

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Perfect Curation & Harvesting

In the Finca the fruits are harvested by shaking the tree mechanically. The falling olives are collected into a net. The harvest is sent to the extraction plant. Not every Olive is put into use to make the oil. Green Olive is known to produce bitter oil & overripe Olive produces oil with fermentation defects. Hence it is extremely necessary to choose only the properly ripe Olive to produce the oil. Only an expert pair of eyes can make the distinction.

Once the Olive is plucked, the clock starts ticking & care should be taken not to make any unnecessary delay between plucking them and grinding them. After cleaning the fruits, they are sent straight to the grinder machine. In this stage, the oil is extracted by crushing the fruit. A want of care also arises here as improper grinding causes an immature flavour.

Then the paste is put into Centrifuge machine. The oil & the fruit fiber have different densities and hence Centrifuge precisely separates them. The temperature in the centrifugal separation process is kept between 27 – 29 degrees Celsius. Any higher temperature will compromise the quality of the oil.

Natural & Extra Virgin

Additives are not allowed into the paste to ensure only the natural extra virgin olive oil is obtained. This is known as unrefined olive oil.

The Final Product

After the extraction of the oil, it is important to keep it from being exposed to light. For light initiates oxidation in the oil and the quality of the oil starts diminishing. Hence the oil is stored in dark glass bottles to reduce the amount of light coming in,so as to preserve the highest quality of natural extra virgin olive oil.

Our extra virgin olive oil is unrefined, fresh and natural. No chemical Additive is mixed with it.

The richness and goodness is carefully packaged to create the healthiest of edible oil.